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What is the cut off for same day delivery?

1:00PM for delivery, but you’re welcome to give us a call a little after that if you'd like to organize a curbside pick up.


Where do you deliver?

Locally to Victoria and its suburbs, find a list here.

Can’t find your neighbourhood on the list? Give us a call, we’ll get you a quote if we can make it work. 


Do you deliver to Vancouver?

Yes! Find our shipping info here.


What if my order arrives damaged?

If your purchase arrives damaged, all quality claims must be made within 24 hours of your pick-up or delivery, and the original product must be presented in-person at the shop, or detailed photos must be emailed to hello@rookandrose.com


Do you carry any products by BIPOC or LGBTQIA2S+ companies?

We absolutely do! We do our best to talk about our brands and artists on their product listings, but any of our staff will be more than happy to chat further about the brands we carry.

Want to see yourself or your product represented? Reach out! We’re always looking for new brands to carry and would love to hear from you.


What are your pickup hours?

12-4PM, 7 days a week.


What is your return policy?

You can find our return policy here



How long do dried flowers last?

Forever! Dust them occasionally and keep them out of direct sunlight, but otherwise they’re here to stay.


How long do fresh flowers last?

With care, and in the proper conditions, we are confident your florals will last a minimum of three days from the time of pick up or delivery. For long lasting flowers, please shop from our dried flowers sections.


What if the flowers I receive aren't my taste?

Each bouquet and arrangement is thoughtfully designed by our team. If you are purchasing flowers for someone other than yourself, please make sure the recipient appreciates our aesthetic as we cannot provide refunds or exchanges based on design preferences


Why are plants so expensive?

Our plants are the highest quality we can source, we ensure they don’t come with any mites or rot, and take care of them as our own until we send them off to their new homes.

Sometimes a little investment goes a long way.


Why are flowers so expensive?

We use ethically sourced flowers whenever possible, and as such, they cost more because, well, they’re consciously cultivated. We do the research to shop locally when we can, and from farmers with ethical and organic practices. Many of our stems are international, and when you’re buying an imported bloom, you’re also buying its plane ticket to get here. We just want the best for you!


Can you re-create an arrangement from an inspo photo?

Absolutely! Send us an email with your arrangement dreams and we’ll contact our suppliers and get back to you with a quote.


Can you send me a photo of my flowers before they're sent out?

Unfortunately this isn't a service we offer, but occasionally you can find photos of our daily deliveries on our Instagram or Facebook Stories. Follow along @rookandrose to see what we’re working on.



Do you have a minimum purchase amount?

Yes, our minimum spend for wedding flowers is $500. This includes our time for communication, consulting, quoting, product ordering and designing. For full service weddings, including ceremony and reception flowers, delivery, and on-site set up, our prices typically start at $3000.


My wedding plans have changed, can I get a refund?

Your deposit is non-refundable, but we will do our best to accommodate your new date or help you use your deposit towards our products or services. Within a month of your wedding, we cannot offer any amount of store credit. Your flowers have been purchased and are on their way. At this point we’ve reached our point of no return. If this is the case, let’s work together do something sweet with your blooms.


How far in advance do I need to book?

We aim for at least 2 month’s notice so we can be sure to get your orders in to our suppliers and ensure everything arrives in time.

If you’re throwing a last-minute party, still get in touch. We’ll do what we can to work with you, and what we can get our hands on locally.

Our summer availability goes quickly, so don’t wait too long!


Can I make changes to my existing order?

If you’ve found new inspiration, definitely let us know! We’ll contact you prior to finalizing your order (usually 6 weeks before your date) to confirm we’re still on the same page. If there are any changes to your order we’ll adjust your invoice accordingly. After the order has been placed, we’re locked in, but will do what we can to make an additional order if need be.



Is the Loft above the flower shop?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not! The Loft resides at an undisclosed location in Chinatown and the specific address is provided before your booking date.


How far in advance can I book?

The Loft is bookable for the current and following calendar month.


How do I inquire about availability?

Shoot us an e-mail at loft@rookandrose.com with the dates you’re looking to book and we’ll get back to you with dates available in and around that time frame. The Loft books out quickly so don’t waste any time!


How long will the pop-up be operating for?

Long answer: the Loft is a passion project, and we'll do it as long as it feels like a source of inspiration. We’re not sure what that timeframe is, but we’ll do our best to give lots of notice so you can get one last booking in. Short answer: at least until the end of this year.


Can I rent the Loft by the hour?

The Loft is bookable for half days and full days, not by hour. Check the Loft page for rates and contact us for availability.


Can I get married at the Loft?

If you’re booking a last minute venue, yes! Since the Loft only books one month in advance, we can’t guarantee any dates past that. But maybe that's just what you’re after?


Why can I only book one month in advance?

Because the Loft project is a month-to-month pop-up and, eventually, our team wants to have the space full time.


What is the Loft capacity?

Our current Covid capacity is 6 people max.


How big is the Loft?

500-600 square feet with 20ft ceilings and big windows making it feel much more spacious than it is.