Florist Glossary


Florist terminology can be confusing. We get that. Here’s a list of some commonly used (and confused) words to help you get what you want from your next purchase.



Carefully styled florals - fresh and/or dried - arranged and sold in a re-useable vase.



Bundle of fresh and/or dried stems, wrapped and ready for you to style in a vase .


Dried Flowers:

Flowers that were once fresh but have been preserved so that you can love them forever.


Market Bunch:

Bundle of fresh stems of the same variety (ex. bundle of fresh tulips) wrapped in kraft paper.



Living, breathing, needy greenery, sold in disposable plastic pot, and typically gift wrapped with kraft paper and twine.



Living, breathing, needy greenery, potted and sold in ceramic, concrete, or terra cotta pot.



A home for a living, breathing plant.



A home for a bouquet of fresh or dried florals.



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